Books in English

 1. Wit and Wisdom – World’s Best Humorous Quotes & Quips

witandwisdomCreative Point, Hyderabad, 1988.



2. Prince Poet Lover Builder – Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the Founder of Hyderabad

Prince Poet

Publications Division, Government of India,  New Delhi, 1991.

Translated into Urdu 1998; Telugu 1997


3. Hyderabad – Memoirs of a City

Hyderabad - A BiographyOrient Longman Ltd. Hyderabad,1995.

HYDERABAD – A Biography

Oxford University Press, New Delhi. First Published 2006. (seventh impression 2012).Third revised and updated edition, 2012.Translated into Telugu, Emesco, Hyderabad, 2012.

4. The Nizam Who Wasn’t

The Nizam Who Wasn't

Creative Point, Hyderabad, 1996.



5. Cities of India – Hyderabad

Cities of india - Hyderabad

Publication Division, New Delhi, 1997.




6. The Nocturnal Court The Life of a Prince of Hyderabad SIDQ JAISI


Translation from Urdu with Introduction and Notes, Oxford University Press, 2004, Fourth impression 2010.



7. Beyond the Full Circle (Novel)

Beyond the Full Circle


Creative Point, Hyderabad, 2003.


8.  A Backward History of India

The Backward History Of India


Creative Point, Hyderabad, 2002.


9. Rockscape of Andhra Pradesh

Rockscapes of Hyderabad


Tourism Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, First edition 2003, Second and revised edition in 2012.


10.  Raja Deen Dayal, Prince of Photographers

Raja Deen Dayal


Creative Point, Hyderabad, First Edition – 2003, Second Edition – 2006.


11. LASHKAR – The Story of Secunderabad



Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad, 2011.


12. Legendotes of Hyderabad


Niyogi Books, New Delhi, 2014



13. A Bonsai Tree – An Autobiography


Niyogi Books, New Delhi 2017



Contributing Author

1. Hyderabad – The Power of Glory

Hyderabad - The Power of Glory




2. Jewels of the Nizams

Jewels Of The Nizam


India Book House, Mumbai, 2001
The Asaf Jahs.


3. Travel Writing and the Empire

Travel Writing


Katha, New Delhi 2003.
Hyderabad through Foreign Eyes


4. The Untold Charminar – Writings on Hyderabad

The Untold Charminar

Penguin Books, New Delhi, 2008.
Hyderabad through Foreign Eyes



5. Hyderabad Hazir Hai

Hyderabad Hazir Hai

Rupa. Co, New Delhi, 2008.
Courtesans, Places & Monuments of Hyderabad




  1. Band Kiwar - 1964
  2. Mizaj Pursi - 1970
  3. Alaf Tahasha – 1985
  4. Hawai Columbus - 1989 Translated into Telugu – 1996,2006 Gali Meda Columbus


  1. Shreshth Rachnayen – 1985


  1. Script for a bilingual feature film on the love -story of Bhagmati for Zee Films
  2. Script for a bilingual ballet on Bhagmati staged in Washington

Visual Medium

1. Janwar ki Pehchan (Short Film)
2. ABC of Humour (Documentary in two parts for UGC)
3. Unusual Hobbies of the People of Hyderabad (Documentary for Akashvani, Hyderabad)
4. Rockumentary - (Co-produced documentary on the Rocks of Hyderabad). Won two international awards in Japan
5. Raja Deen Dayal – Prince of Photographers (Documentary in two parts for Akashvani, New Delhi)